Freddie the Flower

Freddie the Flower -- Alzheimer Toronto mascot Freddie Flower at the Scotiabank Marathon
Graphic Design, Strategy
About This Project

I originally created Freddie the Flower to serve as the official mascot of Alzheimer Society Toronto but he has since been adopted as the national mascot for the organization.  He began his life as a t-shirt illustration I drew for the CEO’s fundraising marathon team, The Forget-Me-Nots (the forget-me-not flower being the symbol of the Society). Some time after this as I was brainstorming ways to increase community engagement and brand awareness, I thought it would be fun to bring this illustration to life as a mascot for the Society.


And he’s been a hit!  Regardless of where we use him, people will stop for a selfie, a high five or even for a hug.  He’s been requested by a number of third-party fundraisers for use at their events and he’s starred in a series of promotional materials on YouTube.