Alzheimer Society Website Redesign


In 2015 I relaunched the Alzheimer Society Toronto website after leading a 6-month overhaul of the online strategy.





Communication, Strategy, Web Design


The Alzheimer Society Toronto website when I started in 2012.

When I started working for Alzheimer Society Toronto,

the organization had a very basic website built entirely in HTML and consisted of several hundred HTML pages. The sprawling architecture of the site and the dense, unbroken content of the pages made the site challenging to navigate and the information difficult to process.


In addition, since the site was built over hundreds of HTML pages, managing and updating the website was time-consuming and required a proficiency in HTML that made updating the site impossible to any other staff member.


I led the development agency and internal communications team in redesigning the site to make it more accessible for both clients and staff.



  • Transitioned our site to WordPress to make managing the site easier and more accessible to staff.
  • Created a responsive theme for our site to make it more accessible on tablets and mobile devices.
  • Redesigned the information architecture to make navigation easier for our stakeholders.
  • Redesigned all site pages to make the content more engaging and easier to skim and digest.
  • Installed Google Analytics in order to start tracking — and thus start making decisions on — visitor behaviour.
  • Created an SEO strategy for the website with a focus on dementia-related Google searches in Toronto (as opposed to preconceptions of audience needs).
  • Integrated an event calendar / online registration system to make registering for workshops and events easier for stakeholders.
  • Added clear and frequent CTAs throughout the site.
  • Increased number of users by 80% and reduced bounce rate by 12%.